Most Preferred E-Juices

9631736570_d04dd2f51f_kThroughout the years, the art of vaping has become increasingly popular. It has taken over the world of traditional cigarettes and given avid smokers a smoking experience that they can enjoy, without having to worry about the harmful side effects. Plus, vaping allows smokers to enjoy an array of different e-juice flavors; instead of smoking that same old bitter cigarette. With that being said, there are many popular distributors of ejuices who all have hundreds of different flavors available and many different levels of nicotine from 0mg up to 24mg. In addition, they offer a wide variety of ejuice bottle sizes, perfect for stocking up or for traveling.

One of the latest brands to become the most desirable amongst the e-cigarette world happens to be Suicide Bunny. They have created hundreds of different flavored ejuices that all pack a strong throat hit and produce incredible flavors. They have some of the most unique ejuices that really sets them apart from other brands. These preferred ejuices are some of Suicide Bunny’s most favorable ejuice products by users to date.

With the industry having so many different flavors of ejuices it can 9251896649_882b7b1e4b_obe hard to figure out which ones are the best ones to get. While they all have their own great flavors, there are a few that are the most preferred ejuices, especially from Suicide Bunny. First off, one of the most raved about ejuices from suicide bunny is their Derailed ejuice. It has the taste of a freshly baked cookie like your grandmother used to make, flowing through your mouth the moment that you inhale. Afterwards, you will be delighted by a sweet and tasty cinnamon infused banana blend that enriches your taste buds as you exhale. Each puff provides a strong throat hit and it always maintains its delicious flavor down to the very last drop.

Another preferred flavor from Suicide Bunny’s ejuice collection has to be sucker punch. This tantalizing ejuice has a mixture of delectable dragon fruit with a hint of silky smooth cream to it. Many users say that the sucker punch has a similar fruity flavor that closely resembles a jolly rancher. This ejuice really packs a bunch of flavor that stays just as bold with the last hit as it did with the first. Moreover, many vaping enthusiasts have really taken a liking to the 9832435796_3e86b4f3c4_kSuicide Bunny’s Mothers Milk ejuice. The smell of mothers milk ejuice is enough to make you come crawling back for more, absolutely sensational. When inhaling, this ejuice provides a delightful rich and creamy desert flavor that makes the mouth water; but, when it is exhaled vapers will experience a light and subtle taste of sweet strawberry.

Regardless of which Suicide Bunny Ejuice a vaper chooses, they are sure to experience the best of the best in flavors each time they vape with these most preferred ejuices from eJuice Farm. Having the best throat hits with every puff and a taste that lasts throughout every single hit. These preferred flavors are an absolute must having for anyone looking for a good ejuice.